08 July, 2008

New Features of VS-2008

Historically, Microsoft has introduced a new Visual Studio product to accompany a new Framework version, they did that with Framework versions 1.0 - 2.0 as follows:

>> Framework v 1.0 --- VS .NET 2002
>> Framework v 1.1 --- VS .NET 2003
>> Framework v 2.0 --- VS .NET 2005

Obviously, the 2.0 Framework represented major modifications to the coresoftware (new compilers a new CLR, etc) and so, of course there were bugs.There have since been service packs for both the 2.0 Framework and VS 2005 to address these issues.

Then, Microsoft did something a little different, they introduced some new.NET technologies, but instead of creating a *whole* new Framework with newcompilers, a new CLR, etc., they made a new Framework version that just hadwhat was necessary to run the new features (Windows CommunicationFoundation, Windows Workflow, Windows Presentation Foundation) and called that Framework version 3.0. Instead of making a new version of VisualStudio to do along with that, Microsoft created a plethora of add-in's to VS2005 that would make it work with the new 3.0 stuff.

Now, the latest version of the Framework is 3.5 (adds additional support forLINQ and Ajax on top of WF, WPF, and WCF). For this new release (now thatmost of the bugs have been worked out, Microsoft has released Visual Studio2008, which works against the 3.5 Framework (there are no add-in's andservice packs for this - - yet).

Essentially, VS 2008 gives you access to all of the new Framework stuff AND is really VS 2005 with all the bugs worked out. It is considered a very stable product and has the advantage of making all the latest .NET technologies rolled up into it.

Following are the new features that Microsoft has introduced in the VS2008.
  • LINQ Support
  • Expression Blend Support
  • Windows Presentation Foundation
  • VS 2008 Multi-Targeting Support
  • Inbuilt AJAX support for ASP.NET
  • JavaScript Debugging Support
  • Nested Master Page Support
  • LINQ Intellisense and Javascript Intellisense support for silverlight applications
  • Intellisense Support
  • Intellisense Filtering
  • Intellisense Box display position
  • Organize Imports or Usings
  • Visual Studio 2008 Split View
  • HTML JavaScript warnings, not as errors
  • Debugging .NET Framework Library Source Code
  • In built Silverlight Library
  • Visual Studio LINQ Designer
  • Inbuilt C++ SDK
  • Microsoft Popfly Support

To get detail information about these features Chick Here

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